Indonesia's Largest Trade Show for Maritime & Offshore Industries.
Inamarine IndonesiaInamarine IndonesiaInamarine Indonesia
(8:30 am - 5:30 pm)
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Indonesian’s President Mr.Joko Widodo
"Make priority and focusing on the maritime industry and transportation to make Indonesia as the biggest maritime country in south east asia."
Indonesia is a must-do market for Marine business industry now!
  • Indonesia with 250 million of population (40% of the total ASEAN population) is the world’s largest archipelago with over 17.000 island across the country.
  • The position of Indonesia in International are very strategic. The Island nation has four of nine the sea lines of communication. It’s reasonable if Indonesia has great responsibility to ensuring the safety and security of International shipping in the Malacca Strait and three Indonesian archipelagic sea lanes (ALKI).
  • United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) has assign of Indonesia as archipelagic state with the enormous economic potential maritime, vast ocean reaches 5,8 million km2, each of them are 3,2 million km2 for territorial sea and 2,7 million km2 for Zone Economy Exclusive of Indonesia (ZEEI).
  • Indonesia has authorization of natural resources supervision in high seas and in the base of ocean and also this country sprinkled by 17,405 Island.
  • Citing of World Shipbuilding Statistics edition of June 2007, Indonesia entered in the ranks 22 countries ship’s builder and Batam Islands became the center of shipbuilding industry in Indonesia. Coordinating Minister of the maritime industry reveal that 198 industries of shipbuilding, 110 industries are located in Batam Island and the rest are outside the island of Batam.
  • Shipping Investment will continue to grow, especially as more and more demand in the offshore sector and the procurement of fleet investment in Indonesia during 2005-2014 to reach U.S $ 14 billion.